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Daily Deals are a marketing campaign that are a great way to bring new business to your door. However, like any other marketing campaign they must be researched and planned thoroughly. You, the merchant need to take steps to ensure you run a successful daily deal, and more importantly turn those new deal customers into repeat business.

Building a customer base is never easy, there are lots of opportunities to building a customer base off a daily deal if done correctly, however it can also be difficult if not properly planned. Daily deals are a great way to get your brand in front of thousands of eyes in your market, so it is important to keep your brand front & center and to maintain brand consistency throughout the deal.

Driving home your branding through-out all aspects of your daily deal is a very important part of planning your campaign, here are some ‘Tips’ for making your Brand an important part of the daily deal.

  1. Ensure that the image your deal provider uses in the deal is on brand for you. Remember to put some thought into how your business will look to a new customer.
  2. When your new deal customers visit you, ensure that they get the best treatment possible. This will lay the groundwork for building a loyal relationship, and result in the new customers associating your brand with quality.
  3. If you have any kind of loyalty programs try get your new customers to sign up to them when they visit.
  4. Remind your new customers to follow/connect with you on social media, maybe even incentivize this.
  5. If you use a dedicated service to redeem/book your new deal customers online remember to brand it as much as possible to familiarise you new deal customers with your brand before you even meet them.


Don’t forget to check out Redeem&Get’s ‘Deal Manager’ customization tools that allows you to brand you deal landing page with your logos, images, colours and text.


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