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Killary River Boat Cruises run various boat cruises and tours all over Ireland including Killary Fjord cruise, River Liffey cruise, Jeanie Johnston Tour, City Canal Cruise, and many more.


Killary Cruises had a number of daily deals set to run across all their different tours during March 2012 on the Living Social platform. They had ran two deals already in 2011 that sold between 2000 and 3000 vouchers each. Staff at Killary tours found the management of the deal customers difficult as there was no set way to redeem and book the deal. Also as they had no contact details for the deal customers they had no way to alert deal customers if weather stopped any cruise going ahead.


Killary Cruises used the Redeem&Get platform to create a branded dedicated landing page for each different deal they ran. Use of our scheduling tools allowed Killary to manage the large number of deal customers on each cruise and not over book capacity. They were also able to easily contact customers through their Reports page to notify them of changes to times/dates of a tour.


The average sale on Living Social for Killary in March 2012 was 2000 vouchers. Each deal having a differently branded redemption page helped avoid confusion between deal customers and staff when booking. Killary Cruises were able to; manage their 000’s of new daily deal customers in one place, know when each customer was arriving, and contact individual customers easily if weather threatened a particular day’s cruise.

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