Case Study - First Point Distribution

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First Point Distribution based in the UK contacted Redeem&Get as they had a number of clients that ran multiple daily deals across many different deal sites, First Point wanted one central location to process and monitor all the redemptions of these deals.


For the most efficient processing of their clients deals First Point needed a platform that could;

  1. Work with all deal sites regardless of location or size
  2. Collect contact information of all deal customers
  3. Collect the postal address (regardless of location) of each customer
  4. Prevent fraud through the verification of voucher codes
  5. Provide editable messaging and visuals, to keep on brand for each client
  6. Generate a unique database for each client


Using Redeem&Get the team at First Point were able to setup a unique Deal Manager for each campaign and manage and monitor each campaign from one dashboard.


Moving forward First Point Distribution have decided to switch all daily deal and coupon based redemptions to the Redeem&Get platform.


“The service you offer is always on point, easy to use and very accessible. I just wanted to say thanks again, your teams efficiency is very impressive is much appreciated”.

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