Feature Release: Advanced Fraud Management

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At Redeem&Get we take fraud management very seriously, we are constantly working and researching new ways to prevent gaming of any sort. That is why now we are adding a new feature to our fraud management tools, an email system to help merchants keep a closer eye on their redemptions and any potential issues of fraud.

Currently when a customer redeems their deal with an incorrect voucher code (doesn’t match the uploaded codes) the system flags these unverified customers in the ‘Reports’ page of their deal manager.

From now on, our new Fraud Management email system will work more actively with you (the merchant) by sending an email daily/weekly/monthly notifying you how many voucher codes are currently unverified. This way you can keep on top of any unverified codes and insure that potential fraud is caught early and more importantly before you “hand over the goods”.


*Please Note…

Most unverified voucher codes are due to simple and honest human error, however Redeem&Get wants to ensure that our merchants get the most from their daily deal. For the top reasons why voucher codes don’t verify check out our ‘Support Docs’.

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