Feature Release: Advanced Fraud Management

Announcements / Marketing / News

At Redeem&Get we take fraud management very seriously, we are constantly working and researching new ways to prevent gaming of any sort. That is why now we are adding a... Read More

Redeem&Get on the Nasdaq!

Announcements / Marketing / News / Press

Well not exactly! We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new daily deal management tool for marketeers, ‘Deal Manager Pro,’ which has been launched at the Nasdaq building... Read More

Make your deal manager pretty with custom backgrounds

Announcements / Marketing / News / Tech Tech

Up until now when you were using Redeem&Get you could include an image of your logo in the top left of your deal manager. Now we’re thrilled to announce... Read More

Redeem&Get becomes founding member of Global Daily Deal Assoc.

Announcements / News / Press

At Redeem&Get we are really proud to be one of the founding members of the Global Daily Deal Association and you can learn more about this importance of this... Read More

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