Make your deal manager pretty with custom backgrounds

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Up until now when you were using Redeem&Get you could include an image of your logo in the top left of your deal manager. Now we’re thrilled to announce the ability make your deal manager that little bit more homely.

You can add a background image, adjust the colour of the title text and in doing so make your deal manager look even better and show off your corporate image to your customers as they redeem their vouchers.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Log in to your Redeem&Get account and click on the settings tab of the campaign you are about to make look awesome







2. Once you are in the ‘Settings Page,’ scroll down to the ‘Upload Logo’ and ‘Customize Your Deal Manager Even More Here,’ options







3. Add an image as a background (you can tile it, or stretch it full screen), change the colour of the title text (the big letters not the small one’s) or even change the background colour to something like a white shade of pale







We’re really excited about this new feature because it gives you the opportunity to match your deal manager to your brand. Now go get creative!

Example 1: A deal manager with new colour background

Example 2: a deal manager with a tiled logo image


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