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Signposts, were a great invention. According to the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals (1968) 8 points for better road signanage were agreed by a range of countries with chief amongst these points being article F which provided a framework for, ‘Information, facilities, or service signs‘. So in the spirit of the 1968 Vienna conference we decided to provide some signposting tools for merchants in the form of our new ‘Promote’ tool which can now be found in your deal manager settings page.

The Promote page is unique to each deal manager and it gives you all the tools needed to promote your deal in-turn improving sales figures and customer experience. You now have an option to email your unique deal manager url to your daily deal site partner manager, a pre-written blog post which includes all of the information about your deal and the link for customers to clic through to redeem, an array of buttons to add to your website to direct customers to your deal manager and a set of social media links to help signpost customers that may be on your Facebook page, Twitter stream or your Google+ page.

Let’s take a look at some of these new Promote tools below:


URL Weblink to be sent to the deal site to be included in the T&C’s of the deal

A sample blog-post that you can copy & paste into your company blog to increase awareness and sales of the deal

Social Media share buttons that will allow you to share the deal manager to your social networks, this will help increase awareness and sales of the deal

And then the techy bit, some HTML code that can be copy & pasted into your website that will put a ‘Redeem Your Daily Deal’ button on your website, this will help with deal management and the customers journey experience

So thank you to the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals (1968) for inspiring us to create our new ‘Promote’ tools. Aimed at improving the customer service and experience that is part of running a daily deal we think you’ll really get a lot of extra value from these new features.

Redeem Team

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