Turn One Time Deal Customers into Repeat Customers

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One key element of any marketing campaign is not only to get a sale but rather to start building a relationship with consumers so as to turn them into loyal repeating customers. This should be the goal of daily deals and to achieve this result good planing and a smart daily deal strategy is a must.

One key element that we have seen with merchants that have great results with daily deals is the way in which they reduce friction for their new cusomters in respect of the way they redeem their vouchers. Using a management platform like Redeem&Get to create a deal manager page where your new deal customers can redeem online is a cost effective way to start making this happen.

Here are some more steps that can be take to turn deal customers into repeat customers;

1) As customers redeem their deal through Redeem&Get they are given the opportunity to opt-in to receive marketing material from you by text and email.

2) Invite them back to your business by incentive deals that are sustainable for your business. Build that relationship by trying small incentivize’s to upsell them through other services that your business offers.

3) When your deal customers visit your store give them the best experience you can, they will remember the good experience and associate you with quality. Remember, if they have a bad experience at a discount price it will become a much harder battle to have them return and purchase at full retail price.

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