ZoomStudios is a professional team of photographers and digital artists with a wealth of experience in portrait photography.

Our studio is a mobile studio, which means you can have your photo session within the comfort of your own home, without the need to travel and with everything you need at your disposal.


ZoomStudios wanted a way to manage their Citydeal offer online with the minimum impact to their business. ZoomStudios operate on a team of people that are mostly with clients and did not want to the extra cost of hiring a temporary staff member for the amount of time it would take to redeem their group offer.


We used a Redeem&Get to successfully convert their group offer to a simple process where ZoomStudios could be up to date with their new customers, add them to their special offer email ezines and could begin redeeming their vouchers straight away to offset the cost of their low price offer.


ZoomStudios were able to book in clients straight away using their Redeem&Get with minimal extra impact to their daily routine.

Win, win for all!

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