At Redeem&Get, we help you manage the job of redeeming your group offer online. This means that using us, you can collect customer details, have them check in their group vouchers and convert them to your own companies voucher. By doing this, you can increase your redemption rates, keep this whole process online and not overload your current business day.

Features include:

Contact Made

You can collect the smallest or largest amount of details from your customers such as name, phone number email or anything else you need for processing your offer. We even have custom options so you can collect details specific to your business type.

Voucher Codes and Special Details

Collect the voucher codes and other detail specific to your group buying site provider that you need to process your vouchers and get paid. Also, you can set up ways in which to capture more detail about the voucher offer. Example, if you are a hotel maybe you want customers to select a day to help you manage their order faster, the choice is yours!

Customer Insights

Ask your customers questions using a mini survey to get insights into what other up sells you can offer them in the future, what they would like to see available from you or anything else that helps you learn more about your customer.

Your or Ours

Once you have set up the three steps of your Redeem&Get, then it’s time to turn it on. You can tell your customers that they need to go to a specific page on your site to check in their group offer vouchers or you can use a specific address only for you on our site. We supply you with a little bit of code to place in your website or you can use our site with a unique web address only for you! Example,

Customer Counter

You can get emails sent to you every time a customer checks in their voucher. We also give you access to your customer Counter which means that 24/7 you can log in to your Redeem&Get account and download all of your customers that have checked in. With this list, you can start calling them to book them in, add them to your newsletter emailing lists or even start reading through your customer insights surveys and see what they want from your business. All managed online!

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