Redeem&Get runs a very enticing affiliate program which gives you a great earning ability.

Just send your customer our coupon and when they, Redeem it at time of sign up you, Get paid!

Our service is a straightforward sell, if a client is running a group buying site offer, then more than likely our product service will help them out a lot to manage their group offer online, and not as the case can be over the phone, at the till and in any other number of ways which can lead to disgruntled customers and over heated staff and business owners!

Sign Up by filling out the form below to receive details which include your unique customer coupon. The coupon you are sent will be tied to your affiliate account, it will give your customer a ten percent discount on our service for the first month and it allows us to track payments due to you for you hard work in getting us new customers!

A range of banner adverts are also available on request. Please specify your ad criteria when applying for disaply advert asset assistance.

Affiliate and Agent Sign Up Form

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The finer print:

  • Affiliate payments are based on new business referrals only.
  • Affiliate commision is based on 50% of the first month a customer signs up to our service (and we pay you based on the pre customer discount, ie the rrp of the monthly fee before the customer discount is taken into account. Fair is fair we say!)
  • Payments are made once your affiliate account reaches a minimum of 100 EURO

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