By using Redeem&Get you are taking the first step to getting more from your group offer, and in our partners section we have a few ideas to help you choose the next step to help your business.

We have selected these companies with the idea of how you can get more from your newly growing email database to your needs in online marketing.


These guys are great for email campaigns. Now that you have a growing email database you can use a company like this to send high quality newsletters to your customers to keep them up to date with the latest products, services or offers in your business.


If you run or promote events, Eventbrite is a great way to manage your event online. You can use your email database as a starting point with Eventbrite to promote and manage customer nights at your business or any other number of event ideas that you have to help promote your business.


We have used Amiando a number of times to sell tickets to events we run and we give them a big thumbs up. See how they can help you get more out of your next event.


If like us you want to manage your company as best you can, then why not consider using a CRM like this one. It doesn’t cost a lot to get started, helps you manage your important customer details and if you loved our customer insights tool then the data from easy to use reports in this service will really whet your appetite!

There are lots of other partners that we will add to this over the coming months, but if you think of some that would help the community and should be here, please click here to let us know.

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