The Irish Times Motorshow took place in 2011 and as part of their online marketing initiative they decided to use a group buying site to launch their new event.


The Irish Times Motorshow wanted the benefit of large ticket sales and wanted to find a way in which to process group offer vouchers ahead of their live event. The were concerned that more staff would be needed to deal with these vouchers. Redeem&Get were contacted to see how we could help with this debacle they were about to have!


We used a Redeem&Get to successfully convert group vouchers from the day their offer went live and managed to process 300 clients online within 48 hours without any impact to their business. Each client was issued with an Event E Ticket produced by their Redeem&Get located on their website.


The Irish Times Motorshow were able to begin redeeming vouchers earlier, and were able to market further offers to new customers using the opt in emails they were able to gather from using their Redeem&Get.

Thumbs up all round on this occasion!

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