Case Study: How to build a Business on Daily Deals

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Zoom Studios is a photography studio that specialise in family portraits, individual portraits and child and baby photography, capturing unique moments in people’s lives.


Zoom Studios saw daily deals as a way to grow a new customer base. However, as a compact operation Zoom Studios needed a solution to manage the large number of customers that daily deals deliver. Zoom studios also needed a solution that would collect voucher details, schedule new customers for efficiency and the customers address for product delivery.


Zoom studio have been able to run multiple deals since early 2011 and they have used Redeem&Get to mange these daily deals successfully. With the launch of the Redeem&Get’s ‘Share Tool,’ Zoom Studios became the first Redeem&Get merchant to use the HTML code provided to drop a ‘Redeem Your Deal’ button onto their website, which resulted in customers that went directly to their site finding it much easier to redeem their voucher increasing efficiency again for the Zoom Studios team.


Zoom Studios is an interesting client for Redeem&Get as they were essentially attempting to build their whole customer base from daily deals alone. Zoom Studios had the plan of running periodical deals on many deal sites to keep a continuing inflow of new customers that they would turn into a strong customer base. The end result has been Zoom Studios has increased substantially due to business generated by their daily deal strategy thanks in part to their use of Redeem&Get to manage, schedule and turn one time customers into repeat customers.

What the client says

‘Redeem&Get helps ZoomStudios to manage daily deals in a way that means we require less staff to manage our deals and gives us more opportunity to spend time with clients during photo shoots. We can schedule clients easily and have been able to plan a repeat customer marketing campaign from the database we are creating with our use of the Redeem&Get deal manager’.

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