Button Shortcodes


Below are the options that are available for this shortcode and their default values. A hash (#) indicates a required value.
'link' => '#',
'color' => 'darkgrey' // darkgrey, blue, red, limegreen, teal, brown, yellow, orange

And this is what you should insert into your posts and pages…
[button link="#" color="darkgrey"]Read More[/button]

[button link="#"]Read On...[/button]

[button link="#" color="brown"]More Info...[/button]

[button link="#" color="blue"]Read More[/button]

[button link="#" color="teal"]A really really long button title[/button]

[button link="#" color="limegreen"]This one is shorter[/button]

[button link="#" color="red"]Press Me[/button]

[button link="#" color="orange"]Do Not Touch[/button]

[button link="#" color="yellow"]Hover Over Me![/button]

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