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Take Bookings Online: Appointments

posted this on Jan 25 16:01

By choosing the 'Appointment' type of bookings you can set your booking inventory to the Date & Time that best suit your business. 

How to set 'Appointment' bookings;

1. Set your Booking Range. - this is Date only and should cover the full length of time your deal will be live. 

2. Set the Globals of your availability. This will populate your booking inventory by the same figure every day for the length of the deal.

     - Here you Add each individual time slot of availability for each day.

     - You can set your inventory up to every 15 minutes from 7.00 until 22.45. 

     - You can choose to populate 'Everyday', or specific days of the week.

                                                                                         * Please note that this is your global availability, you change change specific date/times later. 

3.  Click 'Save & Go to Step 2'. 

4. Here you will be able to control the inventory of each date and time slot individually. 

     - You will again be able to Add individual Time Slots here without having to return to step 1.

     - You will see a Calendar on this page, this can be used to select the specific week in which you wish to adjust, which will appear below.

5. To make changes to availability in specific Dates/Time Slots;

     - Highlight the week you want to make the change in. The table below will populate with that week.

     - Simply choose the Date and Time you wish to edit by clicking into the availability Circle. 

     - Change the figure to the number that suits. 

     - If you wish to have no appointments available in a specific time slot you will need to type '0' into the Circle. 

                                                                 *please note that any changes to availability after a customer has booked in on a time slot will not effect their booking,

                                                                   if you wish to change a customers booking you will need to contact them directly. 

5. Make any necessary changes and remember to click 'Save & Exit'.

You can also reach the Set Bookings page by:

- In your Dashboard highlight the campaign and click ‘Edit Campaign’.

- On the left hand side of the page (of an upgraded account) click ‘Take Bookings’.

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