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Ask Questions

posted this on Jan 05 15:38

In this section you can customise and ask your new deal customers up to 5 questions before they come to visit you. 

You can use these questions to run an mini survey, or  to UpSell more products/services to your new customers.   


How to Set Survey Questions:

- In the 'Ask Questions' page you will be able to set up to 5 questions of your new Daily Deal customers to answer.

- You will be able to set whether the answers are Required or Optional. And, whether the answers are in ‘Text Box’ or ‘Yes/No’ format.

- When you create the questions and answer types remember to click save. 


You can also reach the Set Questions page by:

- In your Dashboard highlight the campaign and click ‘Edit Campaign’.

- Then, on the left hand side of the page (of an upgraded account) click ‘Ask Questions’.


*Please note that Questions are a feature of our premium accounts, you will need to upgrade you account to unlock this feature.  

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