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Step 1 - Setup.

posted this on Jan 25 14:54

Step 1 – Setup.

Your Deal Manager is where your new deal customers will fill in their purchase details. 


Campaign Name

– This is for internal use only, so that you can identify different deal campaigns from each other over time.


– This is your company/trading name. Your name will appear in the ‘Available At’ section of the Deal manager

Your Offer

– This section is for the details of your offer and will be positioned below your company logo on the deal manager. We suggest using the same/similar text to

    your deal site to avoid any confusion for customers.


– This is the URL that will be your customers will visit to Redeem and book their deal, and will be included in the Terms & Conditions of your daily deal. We

    recommend for simplicity and recognition that you use your Company Name and the month of the Deal, i.e. 


Set Up Notification

– This is an email notification that you will receive every time a customer redeems their daily deal voucher through your deal manager. This can be turned

   on/off at any time by you. You can set the email notification to any email address you like, for big deal we suggest you set up a dedicated email address for

   the deal notification.


Brand your Deal Manager

– Upload your logo here. Tall and thin images work best. Please note that 50kb is the maximum file size available.


Add Social Media & Contact Links

– Here you can add your; Contact email, Website, Twitter Name, Facebook URL, and  Daily Deal URL.

– Your Daily Deal URL will appear in the Deal Manager just below the details of your deal.

– All other links will appear in the ‘Find Us Online’ section of the Deal Manager.



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