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Step 3 - Messages

posted this on Jan 25 14:58

Step 3 – Messages

In this section you can customise the 3 messages your new deal customers will read throughout the Deal Manager.

With all 3 messages we have a set 3 examples, you can change parts of these messages or completely create your own message if you choose.


Welcome Message

- This is a short message welcoming your new customers, and we suggest that here you give a brief explanation of what your customers should do.


Competition Message

- This is the message your new customers will read when they fill in their details and click ‘Book Me’. This should briefly explain what happens next.


Confirmation Email

- This is the message that your new customers receive upon successful redemption/booking of their daily deal through the Redeem&Get system. This custom

   message will accompany the details of their redemption/booking.

- You will also receive a copy of this email if you have email notification turned on. 



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