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The voucher codes do not match my uploaded voucher codes.

posted this on Jan 05 16:23

The verification of voucher codes is a security function that allows you to ensure that all redemptions are made with valid daily deal vouchers. When your deal provider sends you the details of tour deal you can upload the Voucher codes to verify each new customer.

If a customer redeems a voucher that has not been uploaded to the system, the system will allow the redemption but will mark it as 'Not Matched' for you. By doing this the customer is still able to redeem their voucher as normal, but you will see that there is an issue with their redemption. You can then follow up with them in order to verify their voucher. 


There are 2 main reasons a voucher code may not match the voucher codes you have 'uploaded', there are as follows; 


1) You have not uploaded all voucher codes.

             In some cases the Daily Deal provider does not send all voucher codes to you at once they may send them in 2 or 3 stages. 

             - FIX: Contact your deal provider to ensure that you receive all sold voucher codes. 


2) A customer has inputted their voucher code(s) incorrectly.

            We all make mistakes, a customer may have filled in the Redemption page incorrectly. 

            - FIX: In the 'Reports' page of your Dashboard email any customers in question and ask them to again provide the details of their daily deal voucher. 


For any queries in relation to 'Uploading' voucher codes please check out our FAQ's