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Make life easier for your daily deal merchants and use Redeem&Get to help them manage and schedule their deals!

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Redemption Management For Deal Sites

So you’ve got merchants about to run daily deal and gets lots of new customers through their doors. Or, they’ve run some deals and found they get overwhelmed by large volumes of customers calling, emailing or walking into their business at the wrong times.

How about a turn-key solution that saves your merchants time, money and hassle and keeps them coming back to run more deals? How about a cloud based solution that gives you visibility on redemptions across your entire business and the ability to zoom in on how a deal is performing after it has sold?

Redeem&Get is a voucher redemption management platform that helps merchants manage, schedule and redeem all of their customers online, and gives you the reporting and analytics to drive your business forward

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35% of merchants don’t run a second daily deal*
We Can Help

Low merchant retention raises overheads and reduces revenue. Redeem&Get has got a solution for you, its plug and play and works for all Deal Sites and merchant sectors. See for yourself how increasing your merchant retention by just a few percent on the calculator below has a massive impact on your business.

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Voucher Management + Online Redemption = Merchant Retention…


Voucher Management

Redeem&Get’s online voucher redemption management platform helps bring more value to your merchants deals by giving them online tools to manage and schedule the volume of customers generated from their deals.


Online Redemption

Customers redeem their vouchers online which helps to make managing a deal more efficient and less costly for your merchants. Scheduling customers to times that suit their business and offering up-sells to gain more value at the point of redemption means more profitable deals for your merchants.


Merchant Retention

Providing Redeem&Get to your merchants helps them reduce management costs and make their deals more profitable. Now your merchants are incentivised to repeat more often with your deal site. Use Redeem&Get to help increase merchant retention rates.

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Features at a glance…


Redemption Management Dashboard

Your merchants can manage incoming customers in one easy to use dashboard | more info

Online Customer Redemption

Voucher customers can redeem their vouchers via laptop, mobile or tablet device at any time that suits them | more info

Scheduling and Bookings

Your merchants can use dedicated scheduling tools to target customers at times that suit their business | more info

Analytics and Reports

A management dashboard built to help you see merchant redemption’s in real time | more info

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