How Redeem&Get Works For Other Companies

The Purty Kitchen Case Study

Who Located in the heart of Dublin city, The Purty Kitchen offers a wide-ranging menu to suit every palette. Why not pop in an enjoy a light snack of mussels or chicken wings with a glass of wine or a hearty sirloin steak sandwich or an Irish beef and... Read More ››

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If you’re running a group offer for a hotel then use our Offer Manager and Bookings add on. You get all usual benefit’s from using a Redeem&Get Offer Manager plus the ability to load your room inventory once to your Offer Manager and let our system manage your guest bookings! No more time wasting emailing clients back and forth with room availability, once a customer selects their availability our Offer Manager reduces your pre-set inventory accordingly. Voila!
If you work around the clock as it is, then the extra work in managing your group offer your self may be a bit to much extra work. Well fear not hard working business type… use a Redeem&Get Offer Manager, to take away the extra stress and strain of running a group offer. We know you already work too hard, so let Redeem&Get lend a hand to manage your next group offer!
With some of our founders being long time event industry people, we know that automating and good planning are key to smooth and successful events. Using a Redeem&Get Offer Manager allows these principles to take place when you run a group offer for your next event. Think of our Offer Manager as your front of house staff, that never sleep while we manage your group offer!

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