Redeem&Get in the Finals of the Spark of Genius Awards at DWS7!

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 WOW… we got through to the finals of the E.S.B. Ireland Spark of Genius Award at the Dublin Web Summit!

It’s a funny journey that we’ve been on the past few months here at Redeem&Get which funnily began at a previous Dublin Web Summit of all places.

A few of us attended a DWS event right at the start of our work on the Redeem&Get platform, and on that fateful night we met a man who by the end of the week had introduced our idea (and us thankfully!) to a number of different people that over the course of this journey gave us great advice and help. Now we are on the NDRC Launchpad accelerator, we just graduated from the Enterprise Ireland Propel course and we have some really cool things to announce at the Dublin Web Summit Spark of Genius Pitch!

The fact that we get to talk about our vision for being the number one company for management, redemption and analytic’s in the daily deals market at the Dublin Web Summit only a few short months later is an absolutely huge deal for us.

For that we are really grateful to all the help that came from that blustery night on Pearse St. Dublin at our first Dublin Web Summit!

And here is the news piece from this morning’s Irish Times (You can read the full article here )

“Redeem Get helps merchants using daily deal offers to generate business to redeem those vouchers. Founded by Gene Murphy, Jade Alison O’Connor, and Adrian McMahon, it has been described as “Tweetdeck for daily deals” as it allows merchants to manage all their deals with one interface. Mr Murphy says 40 per cent of daily deal vouchers are redeemed between 7-11am on the first day they go live. “We stand in the doorway and help you handle that business,” he said.”

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